Terms And Conditions

I give my approval for my childʼs participation in all class/camp activities and trips, (on or off "Stage Door" property), and excuse The Stage Door Academy and its proprietors from all claims and damages that may arise as a result of accidents or losses. I authorize that The Stage Door Academy Faculty and Staff act for me according to their best judgment in any emergency requiring medical attention, and that the cost of such attention (if any) will be the full responsibility of the undersigned. Unless otherwise notified, my child is authorized to eat/drink all meals or snacks provided. 

I understand that photos/videos may be taken during Stage Door activities (classes, camps, lessons, rehearsals, trips, shows, recitals, ect.), and any such photos/videos will become the property of The Stage Door Academy. I authorize The Stage Door Academy to use photos/videos which may picture my child for any/all promotion purposes (print, online, ect.), and I hereby release the right to any and all such photos/videos.  

I understand that should provided sheet music, scripts or materials of any kind be lost or damaged a fee will be charged for replacement/additional copies.  I understand that unless otherwise arranged in writing, The Stage Door Academy is not responsible for my child before the designated program start time.  Should I be more than five minutes late to pick up my child from a program a fee of $1/minute will be charged.

Any cancellation of a registration is required at least three weeks prior to the program start date. Otherwise, the full cost of the program will be charged. (A $150 + tax, deposit/service fee is non-refundable for all programs).  For full-year programs, no refunds will be granted after the second class.  (Refunds will be calculated based on the prorated cost of the first two classes plus the $150 deposit/service fee.)  No refunds are available for Summer Camps or the Emerging Artists Project within the three week period from the program start date, or after the program has commenced.  Casting decisions are final, and refund requests due to casting will not be granted.  We reserve the right to terminate the registration of any participant, if we determine that such discontinuation of enrollment to be in the best interest of the student or class. In such event, the directors will determine if any refund will be available.  We reserve the right to cancel a program.  In the event of a program cancellation, any monies given by the participant (including deposit/service fees) will be fully refunded (or prorated if the course has begun). 

To reserve a weekly singing lesson time slot for the school-year a deposit equal to four lessons must be received.  This deposit will be used toward the final four lessons of the "Stage Door" school year.  Four make-up lessons will be granted each school year (September to May).  Notice of a lesson cancellation must be given in writing at least 24 hours before the scheduled lesson is due to take place.  Otherwise the make-up lesson will be forfeited.  Make-up lessons must be scheduled out side of regular class / lesson time.  There will be no make-up lessons given within the two week period before the Annual Spring Recital.  Make-up lessons not claimed before the end of the school year will be forfeited.  Four weeks written notice is required if a student decides to terminate lessons for any reason before the end of the school year.  If a student must withdraw immediately, they will forfeit a fee equal to four lessons from the date of written notice. The Stage Door Academy will refund any remaining tuition beyond the 4 week period.  All makeup lessons must be used by this time or the lessons will be forfeited.  

I hereby acknowledge that I have read and understood the conditions of this agreement/application.